Engage and empower cardholders with personalised alerts and controls

Consumers are leading more connected lives—with expectations to be digitally connected to their finances too. Mastercard Spend Alerts and Controls can help issuers deliver on these expectations by giving cardholders greater control over how and when their card is being used.

Mastercard Spend Alerts

  • Receive personalised real-time alerts about card activity, according to their preferences
  • Easily turn their card On/Off Mastercard Spend Controls Cardholders have all the features of Spend
  • Increase cardholder engagement, loyalty, and reduce attrition with user defined safety and security tools
  • Reduce fraud and customer servicing costs

9 out of 10 consumers surveyed believe issuers should offer spending alerts

Corporate Cards

Whether it’s credit, debit, or prepaid, consumers are interested in card controls and alerts. With Mastercard Spend Alerts and Controls, issuers can engage and empower cardholders with easy-to-use tools—helping them to manage spend and prevent fraud simply from their mobile/web device.

Teen Cards

Finally, an easy and fun way to pay pocket money and teach your children how to manage their money effectively. Our teen cards are a smart solution to enable 6-18 year olds to gain confidence with money, learning under your guidance. And it makes your life as a parent just that little bit easier.

It is very simple, with everything in one place

Once you have set your rules, the rest is automatic. You pay into your parent account by bank transfer, standing order or debit card. Pocket money transfers to your child’s account and card automatically.

3d Secure

Authenticate online card payments instantly. No Passwords. No one time Code. No Hassle with our QR code 3D secure.

About 3D Secure Payments

Shoppers often abandon online transactions when required to remember their 3D-Secure password or wait for a code via SMS. This makes customers unhappy and reduces Credit Card Lending through e-commerce. Our 3D-Secure solution is simple as well as secure and massively reduces cart abandonment. Our solution does not rely on passwords that can be forgotten, expensive SMS codes that can be lost in transit or on risk scores that can be faked. It complies fully with PSD2, including the recently published technical standards.

Benefits to Credit Unions

  • Your own Credit Union branded debit Mastercard
  • You retain the relationship with your members
  • Control of alternative income revenue stream
  • Attract new members by offering current card technology
  • Member Savings remain in their CU account, retaining full FSCS cover
  • Contactless payment technology
  • Cutting edge digital security
  • Entire transaction ecosystem ready
  • No need for expensive inhouse expertise or large infrastructure investment
  • ‘Real-time’ transactions
  • Enjoy enhanced member experiences and satisfaction levels.
  • Available on multiple banking software platforms
  • Access to highly skilled, 24/7 telephone helpdesk services,
  • Issue loans / withdrawal payments directly into the Debit Card savings account for immediate access – speedy and efficient
  • Mobile app

We partner with the best in the industry to put together your custom card program.